Our Mission

At the Society of Māori Astronomy Research & Traditions (SMART), our mission is to preserve, revitalize, and advance Māori astronomical knowledge for present and future generations. We are dedicated to exploring the rich cultural heritage of Māori astronomy and its intersection with modern scientific inquiry.

Matariki celebrations

Who We Are

SMART is comprised of passionate individuals committed to bridging the gap between traditional Māori knowledge and contemporary scientific research. Our members include astrophysicists, cultural experts, educators, and community leaders, all united by a shared interest in honoring and perpetuating Māori astronomical traditions.

What We Do

Through collaborative research projects, educational initiatives, and community outreach programs, SMART endeavors to explore, document, and disseminate Māori astronomical knowledge. From conducting groundbreaking research on Māori star lore to developing innovative educational resources, we strive to celebrate and elevate the significance of Māori astronomy in both academic and cultural contexts.

Our Values

At SMART, we are guided by principles of cultural respect, collaboration, and innovation. We recognize the importance of honoring indigenous knowledge systems and fostering meaningful partnerships with Māori communities. By promoting cross-cultural dialogue and embracing diverse perspectives, we aim to create a more inclusive and equitable space for the exploration of Māori astronomy.