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We want to share our research with you, we hope you enjoy them and are able to use them for your own resource development. We want our children to know our knowlege and for this to be passed on to the next generations.

Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage Vol 16 no#3

Hope you enjoy this article its a review on Maori astronomy looking at what different areas of research SMART is into.

Proceeding Starlight Reserve Conference 2012

In Tekapo they got given a very significant status. They became a dark skies re

Astronomical Year Book 2013

Everyone loves Oceanic Navigation, just awesome. Heres an article we wrote together about the history of its revival and some of the techniques. Very cool!

Methodoloyy Paper-waiting to hear!

Still waiting to hear about this paper, this is about how our research follows Kaupapa Maori Methodology and what that means in  a practical sense.


UNESCO Report Maori Tradtional Calendars

This year we attended a conference on traditional Calendars and how they can possibly contribute to Climate change policy. Sounds different, right, well it was really different and absolutely fascinating. I'm just refining this document and will post it soon.

Maramataka Maori

This article on the Maramataka and investigates the Maori moon calendar and how it was used. SMART members have been conducting experiments in order to understand the Maramataka better and how our ancestors developed it and why. Will post this soon as it comes back from the editors.

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