We have a vision to empower our youth and communities by realising Māori potential and success. Through research, education and outreach SMART aims to engage youth and communities, and spark memories and passion through accessible knowledge sharing.


Through culture, art, audio visual, cyber space and other technologies SMART aims to inspire the next generation to become engineers, scientists and astronauts. By sharing our knowledge and unlocking the untapped potential in our communities we aspire to be good ancestors.


The aim of the research programme is to ensure the preservation of  Māori astronomical knowledge, tātai arorangi. SMART’s Research Programme involves the collation preservation and revitalisation of Māori astronomical knowledge.  Our research involves collaboration with major Wananga and Universities across Aotearoa such as Victoria, Waikato and Auckland University aswell as Te Wānanga o Awanuiarangi. Key research area's are iwi specific astronomical knowlege, Māori Calendrical systems, and archeoastronomy.



One of our key passions is education. We want our rangatahi to have every opportunity to realise their potential. In particular we are wanting our rangatahi to engage with science and get them curious and excited about it. We also want them to know about Māori knowledge and to get them curious and excited about this as well. Together we have created a unique programme tha brings both knowledge systems.  Giving science a kaupapa Māori context to help our rangatahi relate and to give them a more relevant pathway of engagement. 



SMART endeavours to run two major annual events. The first of these will be Matariki or Puanga, taking place in June. The second will be Mataora, the celestial navigation event, which was previously supported by TPK, Unesco and Victoria University, taking place in November. Mataora events in the past have included running wananga with the communities in which special guest  speakers such as Tohunga Hector Busby, Jack Thatcher and Hoturoa Kerr as well as Dr Pauline Harris, Toa Waaka and other people from the community have been involved. 


Our Matariki events feature wānanga, musical concerts, talks and public displays.